Business Entities

Selection and Formation of a Business Entity

With almost 50 years of experience in assisting clients with selecting and forming business entities, we are able to make sure that the client has the information necessary to make the right choice at the right time to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of operating the business entity.

Eric A Hirschberg


Working with the clients’ accountants, we collectively give the client practical information as to the cost and benefits of each form of entity. We also make sure the client understands the factors that should be considered in the timing of the formation of the business and when the client should consider a change in the form of the entity.
We prepare the initial documents for corporations and limited liability companies for a flat fee so that the client knows exactly what the initial cost of the formation of the business entity will be. Our fees for other types of business entities, such as partnerships, are based on the time spent on the services.
When a business (whether corporation, limited liability company or partnership) will have multiple owners, possible conflicts among the owners must be considered because such conflicts frequently occur.
We offer our clients documents and procedures for reducing the likelihood of such conflicts and methods for resolving them that are intended to result in a less adversarial, less expensive and quicker resolution than traditional conflict resolution in the court system.

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